About Us

TiEQuest is an annual business venture competition held in Toronto to encourage entrepreneurship, engage emerging entrepreneurial talent and to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship. The mission of TiEQuest is to connect entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts with the private equity and venture capital industry. Many aspiring entrepreneurs today don’t know where to start. TiEQuest provides them with the tools to develop a promising business venture, and a competition judged by venture capitalists to give them a forum and a link to the experts in the industry.


TiEQuest is open to all current and aspiring entrepreneurs. TiEQuest value proposition is:

  • TiEQuest provides a strong start to the winners with a higher probability of success in their venture.

  • TiEQuest judges and mentors are successful entrepreneurs and experienced investors/fund managers who provide a very high level of mentoring to the contestants with no cost to the contestants.

  • TiEQuest provides its winners with in kind services and support from its vast network of In-Kind Sponsors. These services include Intellectual Property advisory, Legal and patent services, Access to Government Sponsored Funds, and IT advisory. These services are provided free to the winners.

  • TiEQuest maintains and monitors the progress of its contestants and provides any help that it can even after the competition is over.

TiEQuest 2014 winners, Seamless Mobile Health Inc.












TiEQuest was started in 2005 with the purpose of helping startups and new businesses. TiEQuest helps bridge the gap between up-and-coming business people and the investment industry. The competition helps generate new ventures and give entrepreneurs the encouragement and the support to help them succeed and turn their dreams into reality.

TiEQuest provides its contestants an opportunity to present to well-known angel investors, venture capitalists and fund managers. Many of theses professionals were on the panel of judges/mentors so they get to know the competing ventures first hand. 


The contestants of  TiEQuest included existing and emerging entrepreneurs, patent holders and/or applicants, university students and alumni. Over 320 entrepreneurs took part  in TiEQuest 2014. Contestants came from business schools, life sciences, engineering and technology departments of various universities in Ontario. In addition, a number of contestants were referrals from banks, accounting firms, law firms, universities and other entrepreneurial associations and organizations connected with building entrepreneurship. The contestants came from 20 different cities from all over North America.


In continuation of this tradition TiEQuest will be looking for pragmatic ventures which have the potential to grow into profitable businesses.