TiEQuest was started in 2005 by TiE Toronto as an annual business venture competition and was hosted by the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management. There were 11 groups who participated in TiEQuest 2005. The competition expanded substantially with 18 teams participating (approx. 75 contestants) in TiEQuest 2006. While Toronto contributed to the majority of the contestants, many teams came from different cities across Canada. TiEQuest has received generous support and sponsorships from various organizations including Royal Bank of Canada, MaRS, Fasken Martineau, HTX, OCE, ICICI Bank Canada, BDC, KPMG, Process Research ORTECH, RoyNat, Children’s Television Workshop, Gowlings, Metratrade and Koolatron among others.

TiEQuest grew substantially in 2007 and has attracted over 300 entreprenuers every year since then. Since then TieQuest has attracted teams from nearly every major city in North America. The quality and level of ventures taking part in the competition has substantially increased since 2009 where it now attracts ventures in Cleantech, SocialMedia, LifeSciences, IT, GreenTechnology, LifeStyle, and Healthcare. The number of entries having patents or pending patent applications has risen as well. TiEQuest is highly regarded for its competition stage process and its pool of highly respected and experienced mentors and judges. Some of the leading companies and entreprenuers who participated in the competition include:


Past TiEQuest Contestants:

Aeryon Labs Inc.

Echologics Engineering Inc.

Pari Beauty

Alpha CancerTechnologies Inc.

Eco Drain Inc.

Pilus Energy

Artenga Inc.


Plantform Corporation

Attodyne Picolasers Ltd.

Global Business Mart

Profound Medical Inc.

AudioConexus Inc.


Purification Research Technologies Inc.

Bering Media Inc.

Investolution Inc.

Quantum Dental Technologies

BioBalance Corporation

KR Golf Solutions

Shiny Ads

CertoLabs Inc.


Skymeter Corporation

Chide It, Inc.

Liquid Fiber Displays Inc.            

Vayyoo Inc.

Cognovision Solutions Inc.


Verold Inc.

DocSnaps Inc.

Nalion Technologies

XeQure Solutions Inc.

EasyPlug Inc.

Navi C Limited

XeQure Solutions Inc.

Simple Systems (MyndTec) Inc.Unhaggle Inc.Seamless Mobile Health Inc.

Many of the TiEQuest alumni are now sponsoring the competition. Here is a listing of some of our alumni that have sponsord the competition:



Echologics Engineering Inc.

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