Success Stories

TiEQuest Success Stories

Download various Success Stories.pdf (732 kb) here. Here are some examples where TiEQuest alumni have progressed substantially in their project and have raised financing, acquired customers and signed collaboration. Their business ideas are turning into reality.

TiEQuest Success Stories:

Aeryon Labs Inc.

Echologics Engineering Inc.

Pari Beauty

Alpha Cancer Technologies Inc.

Eco Drain Inc.

Pilus Energy

Artenga Inc.


Plantform Corporation

Attodyne Picolasers Ltd.

Global Business Mart

Profound Medical Inc.

AudioConexus Inc.


Purification Research Technologies Inc.

Bering Media Inc.

Investolution Inc.

Quantum Dental Technologies

BioBalance Corporation

KR Golf Solutions

Shiny Ads

CertoLabs Inc.


Skymeter Corporation

Chide It, Inc.

Liquid Fiber Displays Inc.

Vayyoo Inc.

Cognovision Solutions Inc.


Verold Inc.

DocSnaps Inc.

Nalion Technologies

XeQure Solutions Inc.

EasyPlug Inc.

Navi C Limited

XeQure Solutions Inc.



Aeryon Labs Inc. was founded in 2007 to design andmanufacture small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems for aerial sensing applications. The Aeryon Team has developed the Aeryon Scout, an easy-to-use, battery powered, unmanned aerial intelligence gathering system. A professional tool capable of point-and-click autonomous map-based navigation through a touch-screen user interface, the Scout requires minimal user training and allows a single user to operate both the aerial vehicle and camera payload system. The Scout is targeted at the backpack of every soldier and the trunk of every police car.

Winning TiEQuest 2009 has generated significant attention for Aeryon from potential investors as well as provided validation of the company"s business to customers. Aeryon is continuing to make use of the valuable in-kind services received with the award. Since winning, Aeryon has received funding from the OCE IAF, raised additional investment and is in discussions with several potential strategic partners.

Aeryon has been recognized with several additional awards, including being named to the Deloitte 2009 Companies To Watch, the AlwaysOn OnDC Top 100, and the most innovative ICT company at CIX 2009. Additionally we have attracted several new key employees to help develop the product and the business. Aeryon is developing channel partner relationships in various market segments and geographies. The Scout product is in use in the field in several pilot programs, and has recently been approved for operational use with the Ontario Provincial Police. Additional payloads and new features are currently in development.


Alpha Cancer Technologies Inc. (ACT) is developing novel cancer therapies using the proprietary platform of recombinant human alpha- fetoprotein conjugated cytotoxins. Recombinant Human Alpha-Fetoprotein (rHAFP) is used as chemotherapy delivery system that targets cancer cells with very high degree of selectivity. It allows to overcome drug resistance that many cancers develop in response to chemotherapy. Furthermore, rHAFP-cytotoxin conjugate is highly selective for cancer cells that express alpha- fetoprotein receptors (gastric, breast, prostate, colon, liver, pancreatic cancers and leukemias) and does not cause damage to normal cells thus dramatically reducing systemic toxicity. Alpha Cancer participated in the TiEQuest Business Venture Competition and have since progressed their venture substantially.


Artenga’s medical device will make cancer drugs dramatically more effective. We will serve an unmet need for the treatment of drug- resistant tumours where currently there are no adequate options. A $2.0 M investment will grow the company to profitability within three years. It will permit key animal tests, expedited clinical trials, and approval in Canada and Europe. Commercial revenue potential is one hundred million dollars per year at a very attractive margin. The Artenga device has successfully completed initial animal testing and its strong competitive advantages validated by world- leading doctors and researchers, including those at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, the Ontario Cancer Institute (Princess Margaret Hospital), and the Ontario Veterinary College. Within existing clinical practices, Artenga has developed an exciting new treatment use for a proven diagnostic product. The unique technology is protected through three patent applications. A Health Canada pre-market evaluation has been done. Market entry is advanced colon cancer as a palliative treatment. Doctors are demanding improved drug effectiveness and delivery that avoids healthy tissue and debilitating side effects. The cancers most suitable for treatment with the Artenga device are colon, pancreatic, liver, ovarian, and breast. Artenga’s experienced medical industry team has raised over $500,000 in seed funding and is the first medical company to win Ontario Centers of Excellence Accelerator investment. A U.S. company has offered to serve as Artenga’s sales representative for the medical research market. After participating in TiEQuest 2007, Artenga has completed the following: 

  • Successful therapeutic animal testing.

  • Named one of Canada’s Top 10 Life Science Companies

  • Third generation device completed


Attodyne was founded to commercialize two technical breakthroughs:

  • Development of low-cost high-performance industrial class picoseconds laser

  • Development of a new metal deposition technology for TFT panel repair.

Attodyne is focused on becoming the preferred laser provider to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and system integrators of high value and high margin ultrafast lasers for use in micromachining, solar panel processing and flat panel display manufacturing applications. Attodyne offers ‘turn-key’ laser systems that resolve the cost, size and reliability constraints. Attodyne’s lasers enable customers to exploit the advantages of Cold Ablation with a simple, effective tool.


AudioConexus Inc., a Location Based Media and Entertainment company is creating new possibilities in the tourism industry by enabling sightseeing companies and attractions of any size to provide better tours - fun, entertaining and educational tour experiences in multiple languages and topics simultaneously. While other companies are providing GPS services to tourists, what makes AudioConexus unique is their ability to deliver GPS triggered audio narration and multimedia in multiple languages and multiple topics simultaneously. AudioConexus is focused on making tourism better by revolutionizing the way sightseeing companies grow their businesses. Working with sightseeing companies around the globe, AudioConexus helps solve challenging problems, problems like:

  • product consistency;

  • empty seats;

  • attracting foreign language travelers, and;

  • reducing the high costs associated with recruiting, training, and retraining step on guides, drivers and captains to deliver fun and engaging narratives for their passengers.

  • TriggerPOINT is the one system that solves all of these problems and is helping sightseeing companies today attract new customers, reduce costs, gain high-quality product consistency and grow their businesses.
    Since participation in TiEQuest, AudioConexus in the news includes:

    • The journey to a Thousand Islands begins with a Single Scot

    • Minister of Culture rides the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

    • GPS Triggered Audio Tours Know Where Tourists Are, Even if They Don’t

    • Gray Line San Diego Provides Passengers with Fun, Entertaining, GPS Guided Tours

    • Atlantis Adventures and AudioConexus Launch Underwater Adventure Audio Tours in Waikiki

    • New GPS Guide Adventure – Pedicab Tours in America’s Oldest City

    • Railroad tourists can tune into Sites thanks to GPS

    • Gray Line Australia Captivates its Audience with New GPS Audio Tours

    • AudioConexus partners with Uncle Sams Boat Tours to provide GPS Tours

    • AudioConexus and Audio Tours GmbH For Strategic Partnership for Distribution in Europe

    • Waikiki Trolley Enhances Passenger Experiecnes with GPS Audio and Video for Next Stops and Location Based Advertising


Bering Media lets you reach your local consumers online across any website with our unique hyperlocal geo-targeting technology.
Whether you"re an advertiser, agency or local ad sales force, our technology provides you the accuracy and local granularity that has been missing from the Internet.

Location-based advertising is a well-known and effective marketing method in traditional media that drives results, as consumers spend most of their disposable income within only a few miles of their home. With our patent-pending technology, Bering Media brings this hyperlocal targeting to the Internet for the first time.

Online, there"s no telling what websites a consumer will visit. Our geo-targeting technology lets you focus on reaching your local demographic instead of trying to figure out what local websites they may visit.

Bering Media has received financing after participating in TiEQuest 2009 and has progressed further in its business plan.


Home gardeners and commercial landscapers are demanding eco-friendly, organic-rich plant food and soil enhancement products at prices and performance results competitive with chemical solutions. Bio-Balance markets organic fertilizers and soil conditioners made from selected organic waste streams that are transformed using a carefully managed, patented conversion and blending process. The outcome is a healthy plant food where the nutrients are bonded to the base organic matter so plants only require a single application each growing season. This means up to 50% less watering, and in the case of lawns, up to 50% less cutting than required using conventional chemical fertilizers. In a time of increasing water restrictions and chemical pesticide bans in many communities, gardeners seek acceptable organic-based alternatives. Bio Balance responds with high performance products that also reduce input and maintenance costs and effort for both home and commercial gardeners and growers.

Bio Balance earned the Runner-Up position in the TiEQuest 2008 Canadian venture competition. The $38,000 (cash and kind) Award helped to fund the move to market and to introduce the Company to investors in green/clean technology who were difficult to find and approach within the traditional venture capital network. Our Greenways Pro natural fertilizer is now in the highly prized golf course sector and our Magic Touch organic-enhanced fertilizer is on residential lawns throughout Southern Ontario, thanks to the exposure and financial ‘kick’ received by participating in the TiEQuest program.

Once financing is secured from one of the TiEQuest Venture Capital EOI (expression of interest) sources or other TiEQuest member community investors, full scale up of operations will be underway. In addition to validating our planned market strategy, feedback from the TiEQuest jurors has led to serious consideration in licensing our patents. Bio Balance is now in touch with an established player in the fertilizer industry who commands a major share of the North American consumer and commercial lawn and garden market and needs the ‘edge’ Bio Balance innovation will bring to its portfolio.


Certo Labs Inc. is a privately held Toronto based company working to commercialize a new, high through-put automated extraction instrument for analytical laboratories within the food, drug and environmental industries. We have recently completed and successfully tested a proof-of-concept prototype and are currently in the second phase of prototyping. Certo Labs Inc. was incorporated by Ameer and Ahmed Taha in 2005. While working in the nutritional lab, the brothers realized the market potential of automated devices in laboratory settings. They put together a preliminary business proposal and competed at the prestigious TiEQuest Venture Plan Competition in Toronto ON. Certo Labs Inc. came in first place. The $50,000 prize was used to start the company. Shortly after, the Tahas signed a strategic partnership with Toronto based industrial design firm Kangaroo Design and Product Development Inc. Lahav Gil, CEO of Kangaroo Design and Product Development Inc., joined Certo Labs Inc. as a founding partner and Director of Product Development.

Certo Labs is focused, competent and confident about its technology and ability to serve the needs of laboratories worldwide. Certo Labs is currently piloting their prototype with lead customers. After winning in TiEQuest, Certo Labs was awarded "Market Readiness" funding from the Ontario Centers of Excellence, and the "Business Investment Program" grant from the Health Technology Exchange. The company has also won numerous awards namely:

  • Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Technological Entrepreneurship from Ontario Centres of Excellence
  • Young Investigators Award from International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids Scientific Conference
  • The Great Canadian Invention Competition from Nytric
  • McMaster Nicol Entrepreneur Challenge
  • IBK Capital-Ivey Business Plan Competition
  • Rice University MBA Business Plan Competition
  • Venture Capital Investment Competition
  • TiEQuest Business Venture Competition

The Company has successful completed piloting of their instrument with lead customers and are now launching market ready product.


Empowering Feedback. is a new-age internet software company that has a focus on empowering feedback for its clients. The company’s main focus is to build online software to facilitate structured reviews, collaboration, and opinion gathering. Since TiEQuest, has produced two products: ReviewRoom and fluidSurveys:

ReviewRoom is online software that allows for the review of multimedia by a large number of reviewers. The software incorporates common business logic and workflow so that it can be used in a variety of scenarios. ReviewRoom is currently being used to manage:

-Business Plan Competitions
- Loan Applications and Reviews
- Scholarship Competitions
- Funding Competitionsand more....

Whenever there are a number of applicants and a number of reviewers, ReviewRoom is the right software product to manage the process.

fluidSurveys is an online survey creator with emphasis on ease of use and intuitive drag and drop survey creation. fluidSurveys is sold both as a white-label solution for companies that would like to host the survey software themselves and as a hosted solution.

As a result of TiEQuest, has formed many strategic partnerships, received invaluable feedback with regards to its business plan and gotten funding from government agencies. Since TiEQuest, has grown 4 to12 team members and from no revenue to multiple streams of revenue.

“The TiEQuest experience is something that I absolutely must recommend to any entrepreneur, who is serious about starting a business.” Aydin Mirzaee (Co-CEO, Inc.)


CognoVision Solutions Inc. is a provider of real-time audience measurement solutions for the out-of-home advertising industry. We let companies know if their advertising works using our Anonymous Impression Metric (AIM) system. AIM uses face-detection and people-tracking video analytics technology to measure the effectiveness of media displays including digital screens, posters, kiosks, window displays, and product displays. AIM also enables digital advertising to be targeted in real-time according to anonymous audience demographics.

TiEQuest proved to be an invaluable experience for CognoVision. Embarking on the journey helped us articulate our business plan and strategy, and provided us with constructive feedback from an accomplished panel of judges as we progressed through the various stages of the competition. We were connected with an advisor who challenged us and helped us refine our business plan – our TiEQuest advisor has since become our mentor and continues to be there for us as we progress through our entrepreneurial journey. The TiE network has been an incredible resource for CognoVision, and the mentorship and guidance we have been given has been priceless.

When CognoVision entered TiEQuest, we were a pre-revenue company with a proof of concept. After TiEQuest, we became privately funded, built our first commercial solution, and went to market in early 2008. We unveiled our solutions at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas (Feb-08), one of our industry’s largest expositions. Out of over 100 exhibitors, CognoVision was featured as the top headliner in Digital Signage Today, a major industry publication. In April 2008 CognoVision was selected by the Canadian Ministry of Research & Innovation as one of 9 firms to participate in Ontario’s Innovation Showcase. In October 2008, the CognoVision-powered nCAP won the 2008 DIGI Award for Best Product with Audience Measurement in New York.

Since TiEQuest, we have more than doubled our team, are in revenue mode, and are working with some of the world’s largest companies. We are experiencing a whirlwind of activity, and have many exciting projects on the go. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and we are excited about what is to come. Cognovision was declared as the most innovative company in Canadian Innovation Exchange in 2009.


Docsnaps is a revolutionary product that replaces tedious and manual bookkeeping data entry with automation, thus saving time and money. It allows companies and individuals to capture bills, expenses, and other documents at source, automatically extract financial information, create transactions, and manage their records. Financial information can be viewed in drill-down reports or exported to popular accounting software.

It is easy to setup and use. Register a secure account online for personal (FLY) or business use (SPEED, PRO). Expenses can be uploaded directly to DocSnaps – just click with a smart phone camera and send, scan documents and upload, or forward email receipts to your docsnaps account email. These documents are analyzed by the software and based on the company’s own chart of accounts a bookkeeping transaction is created. The software learns with usage. Therefore greater automation can be achieved over time.

The result is books that are fast, accurate, and updated in real time and financial records that are secure, searchable and auditable. This saves time and money due to elimination of manual data entry, and makes money management a pleasure.

The management team comprises of members located in San Jose (California), Ottawa (Canada), and Bangalore (India). The Company aims to help businesses, their mobile team, and contractors to be more productive. Specifically they focus on business innovation and technology in the areas of collaboration and process.


EasyPlug is a Vancouver based technology company that was founded in 2008. The company’s objective is to develop safer and simpler versions of the electrical plug and socket. EasyPlug participated in TiEQuest 2009 and was awarded the New Entrepreneur Prize. Since winning this prize, EasyPlug has continued to develop a number of innovative electrical products. These patent-pending designs are various versions of quick-disconnect devices for electrical cords. Some of the products are targeted at the child safety market, while others are targeted at the home appliance market. EasyPlug is also developing a generic quick-disconnect adaptor that can be used with any electrical device. All of these product designs aim to improve consumer safety by reducing trips over power cords and electrocution hazards, while at the same time improving ease of use through EasyPlug’s patent-pending quick-disconnect feature. EasyPlug is a privately held company funded by investors. EasyPlug’s research and development program is supported by the National Research Council’s Industrial Research and Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).

Easy Plug was awarded the New Entrepreneur Prize in TiEQuest 2009..


Echologics Engineering Inc was co-founded by Aercoustics Engineering Ltd and NRC’s Institute for Research in Construction. Echologics has developed proprietary acoustic leak detection methods that have proven to be highly effective on plastic and high value large diameter pipes. In doing so, it has drawn on decades of experience in acoustics to develop and advance this technology beyond the current state-of-the-art. The technology has also been leveraged for non destructive pipe wall thickness assessment. With aging pipe distribution networks, this technology will help utilities identify badly corroded pipes for replacement. With ageing infrastructure and a world wide fresh water shortage, Echologics will leverage it’s advanced technologies into economic success.

After participating in TiEQuest in 2007, the company has made substantial progress:

  • Receive contract to provide trunk main leak detection service in UK
  • Obtained LeakfinderRT Orders From China
  • Established strong position in the $40 Trillion Global Infrastructural Makeover
  • Sold 20 Leaklisteners to the Township of Lesotho

The Company is now negotiating Venture financing. The entrepreneurs behind the company are:

  • Marc Bracken, P.Eng: President, has a B.A.Sc and M.A.Sc. from the University of Toronto, with 20 years of experience as an acoustical engineer. He has managed many large engineering projects. Currently he is the president of Echologics, and he oversees R&D activities. He holds patents for pipe wall assessment technology.
  • Shabbir Yusuf, P. Eng, Vice President, is an Electrical Engineer from IIT Kanpur and MBA from IIM Bangalore, who has 20 years experience in acoustical engineering, operations, sales and marketing. Within Echologics he runs operations, manufacturing, purchase, and vendor development.


EcoDrain™ is a technology company dedicated to the design and marketing of high performance systems for economic heat recapture in drains.

Hot waste fluids represent a massive and often untapped source of clean energy. Heating fluids is energy-intensive, and waste heat recapture usually reduces this cost substantially while also benefiting the environment.

EcoDrain™ is managed by David Velan. Mr. Velan earned a BASc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from McGill University. Prior to founding EcoDrain™, Mr. Velan led product development initiatives at Velan Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial valves, founded by his grandfather in 1950. Mr. Velan’s passion for the environment and for entrepreneurship led him to found the company that would become EcoDrain™ in 2005 to develop high performance systems for economic heat recapture in drains.

After participating in TiEQuest, EcoDrain was featured in the New York Times. EcoDrain was also nominated a finalist for INDEX: Award 2009 in the home category. The INDEX: Award is one of the biggest design award in the world. The INDEX: Award is also the main driver of INDEX:"s mission to generate more Design to Improve Life of higher quality all over the world. The award receives nominations from China to the United States, from Finland to South Africa, from Singapore to Jordan – and from these nominations, the outstanding INDEX: international jury selects the best as finalists, and the very best as winners of the biennial award.

After participating in TiEQuest, EcoDrain was featured in the New York Times. EcoDrain was also nominated a finalist for INDEX: Award 2009 in the home category. The INDEX: Award is one of the biggest design award in the world. The INDEX: Award is also the main driver of INDEX:"s mission to generate more Design to Improve Life of higher quality all over the world. The award receives nominations from China to the United States, from Finland to South Africa, from Singapore to Jordan – and from these nominations, the outstanding INDEX: international jury selects the best as finalists, and the very best as winners of the biennial award.


Fadow stands for "FAst DOWnload". We are a Toronto-based new media company, revolutionizing the way that consumers acquire digital media while on the go. Our first offering, the Moviecle kiosk, was designed for airport venues, and addresses the pressing needs of passengers, airport operators, advertisers, and media distribution companies. We are currently live at the Boston Logan International Airport, and will be expanding rapidly through airports and other venues over the coming months.

Downloading media on the go has traditionally been slow and inconvenient. The Moviecle kiosk by Fadow solves that pain, allowing consumers to pick up their digital media purchases at convenient locations. A Hollywood movie, for example, can be transferred directly to a USB drive in 2-4 minutes, vs potentially hours over WiFi. Next time you see one of our kiosks, walk up to it and plugin any USB storage device to try us out.

Airport passengers can use the Moviecle interactive display to select from our assortment of travel guides and Hollywood movies, and transfer directly to their device. Currently, we support any USB mass storage device (anything with a USB connection, such as a USB thumbdrive, or portable hard drive). As we expand the service, we will be incorporating the ability to transfer media directly to a smart phone like a BlackBerry. the consumers can purchase media even if you have not paid for an Internet connection. Simply connect to the "loganwifi" hotspot, and play your movie. You will now be able to go through the online checkout process.

After participating in TiEQuest, Fadow team is making substantial progress in their busoness venture.


Global Business Mart

This One-Stop solution is for building and conducting business over the Internet. A set of built-in resources fully supports the infrastructure and maintains all business rules, processes, documents, people and environment. The clients may create and run their process workflows, manage their documents, records, files and other electronic assets; design and manage their reports, manage content, communicate with their staff and customers. The built-in multilevel security protects sensitive information from unauthorized access or activities by internal or external users.

Global Business Mart helps in implementing and conducting business functionality with minimum expenses. The clients may use the available applications as-is and/or customize them. All evelopment resources work in real-time visual mode. All major web browsers are compatible in all modes of design or production. Highly professional resources help in adopting a new way of building business applications.

Global Business Mart enables quickly and seamlessly setup of client"s business on the Internet, convert their business applications to SaaS, which helps in saving on integration, licensing, maintenance and infrastructure. is a marketplace too. The clients may sell their SaaS products and services, use shared infrastructure, billing, their own price models and much more.


iCAERUS delivers an enterprise class knowledge retention solution that allows companies to minimize the risk of knowledge loss. We facilitate the tracking, sharing and transitioning of key knowledge within the employee"s natural work cycle. iCAERUS applies a process-centric approach to extract, organize and visualize key knowledge from day to day employee communication.

iCAERUS provides tools for

  • Establish tools focused on capturing and transitioning tacit knowledge
  • Integrate into existing Talent Management and Job processes
  • Keep overhead to minimum
  • Foster knowledge sharing
  • Establish structured process to transition knowledge

After participating in TiEQuest, iCAERUS team has been working diligently to implement its project.


Investolution is the inventor of a number of novel prediction technologies to forecast short term price fluctuations of major stock market indexes. Our technology uses a number of proprietary biologically inspired computing algorithms to calculate the likelihood of stock prices to close in certain price ranges. Red, yellow and green zones on the charts are indicators of bearish, neutral and bullish trends, respectively. The width of the prediction zone determines the volatility and the intensity of the colors are directly correlated with the likelihood of the price to be in that area. Very sudden and big drops or jumps might indicate catastrophic market events, as it predicted Dow Jones Industrial Average Index crash in September 2008.

Investolution charts are basically technical analysis charts as they only rely on past trading data. They are however, probabilistic in nature and require significantly more computing power than your average technical analysis charts. Investolution charts generate a distribution of possibilities that the value can take for each day, where the value is the percent change range in price for the next 40 days.

For instance, if your base stock price is 100, and you forecast the maximum percentage as 10% and minimum percentage as -5%, you can expect the end-of-day stock prices to vary between 95 and 110 for the next 40 days. With Investolution charts our goal is to go one level deeper where we not only calculate a value, but try to have an indication whether the value is accurate or not. This is why we have a distribution of values rather than a single value. Investolution studies past forecasts and try to correlate specific distribution patterns with accuracy of the forecast. Because even if the forecast is accurate one day a year, you"ll still make money as long as you know when that day is.

After participating in TiEQuest, Investolution is progressing well in succeeding in its venture.


KR Golf Solutions has developed Swingnature, an innovative golf training aid product that has been designed to help the golfer increase their club-head speed and improve swing mechanics to play a better game of golf.

Biomechanical research has shown that the most effective way to develop power in your golf swing to hit the ball farther is to train with both heavy weighted and light weighted swing training aids. Swingnature gives you both.

With Swingnature"s removable grip system the golfer is able to remove the grip and slide the weight in and out in order to train for power. KR Golf Solutions also offers a comprehensive training program to help the user work and track training.

KR Golf Solutions recently completed the production of its infomercial with Hank Haney and Gary Koch at Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut. Kelly Curry, an innovation master"s student at McMaster University in Hamilton, is the brain behind a new training aid to develop proper swing mechanics and increase clubhead speed for longer, straighter drives off the tee and also from the fairway.


LifeLike BioTissue Inc. was incorporated to manufacture and market its proprietary and patent-pending technologies into anatomically realistic life-life tissues (presently consisting of veins, skin, aortas, coronary arteries and heart valves) to medical schools, nursing schools, veterinarian schools, teaching hospitals and medical device companies all over the world. The products feel like real human tissues, are realistic, have the same mechanical properties, and are non-toxic, non-latex, inexpensive and easy to dispose of. LifeLike BioTissue believes that offering accurate and realistic surgical simulations for medical trainees to practice on before operating on live patients will significantly improve skills, accuracy and speed, while also considerably lowering the risk of mistakes, adverse patient consequences, malpractice litigation and the cost of expensive operating time. The Company’s vision is reproduce as many life-like soft tissues and organ phantoms as possible, to dramatically improve student’s surgical, suturing and anastomosis skills, and ultimately, to dramatically improve the quality and safety of patient care worldwide at a reduced cost.


Liquid Fiber Displays Inc. (“LFD”) is commercializing high resolution LED video displays for the High Brightness Display Market using a disruptive platform technology. Currently, the digital signage market is under served by LCD, plasma and projection solutions because they are incapable of high brightness, seamless arrangements and multiple size formats. As a result, unsatisfied customers are moving to LED solutions, which come with their own set of problems including high cost of about $8,000/ft2, low resolution of ~3mm pixel pitch and high energy consumption. LFD solves these issues completely. Liquid Fiber’s patent pending solution was born to offer a disruptive technology to the market while using a novel platform of three technologies offering best in class performance (resolution, brightness and reliability) at a lower cost compared to current LED displays. Two prototypes have been developed successfully and are under field trials. The company is initially targeting the $2 billion Large Screen Display Market at venues including schools, malls and airports. Later the company will address a much larger retail signage and sports arena markets. Liquid Fiber Displays Inc. was the winner of TiEQuest 2008. Following their success at TiEQuest, they were selected as one of Canada’s top 10 Technology Companies; and also selected to present at the World Best Technologies Showcase in Arlington Texas.

Since winning TiEQuest 2008, LFD focused on:

  • development of outdoor LED display technology based on original platform
  • market research and business development activities of the outdoor technology
  • raising financings
  • networking with investors

LFD has so far received financing and grants from the Ontario Centres of Excellence, Xerox Centre for Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation and private financiers. They are currently negotiating about $7 million of venture funding.

“Various prizes received in TiEQuest both cash and in-kind have helped us tremendously in the past few months to raise new money, guide us through hurdles during our commercialization efforts through the use of professional advisory services, get market research data, network with investors, as well as get legal assistance to understand the legalities of term sheets and shareholder agreements with investors and other stakeholders. As a result, we are well on our way to commercialize our newly developed technology and confident about raising the capital required to help us launch products bearing the name Liquid Fiber Displays in the next year, despite the challenging market conditions” says Nimesh Bahl of LFD.

Top commercializes educational software/games based on the results of scientific studies. We offer child-oriented training/game and rehabilitation solutions based on two innovative technologies which include the Virtual Music Instrument (VMI) and the SmarterKids Training (SKT). is specialized in: Educational training, Educational game-Software, Scientific training-Scientific learning-Musical training-Musical game-Rehab software-Rehab game-ehabilitation software-Rehabilitation Game- Musical therapy-Music therapist game- (DVD- CD-CDROM- Software). offers child-oriented training and rehabilitation solutions based on scientific results and the latest innovations in technology MusIQkids uses combined skills and expertise of Scientists, Teachers, Musicians, Therapists and Engineers to offer Quality products which are playful, fun but also effective.

All MusIQkids" products represent the culmination of years in scientific learning research and rehabilitation research. For that purpose our company receives funding from several governmental agencies and works with Hospitals, University and Innovation Centers.

After participating in TiEQuest, MusIQkids are progressing well in their venture.


Based out of Toronto, is North America"s premier online South Asian network, geared towards second- and third-generation South Asians. We focus on Arts, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Community. In addition to our content, MyBindi offers its audience the opportunity to connect and learn about its community through its forums, community directories, profiles, emails, and offline events. MyBindi has developed a powerful on- and offline presence, one that has become part of our member"s day-to-day lifestyle. participated in TiEQuest 2006.

MyBindi is now:

A leading online South Asian destination with strong international presence

The most-visited South Asian message board in North America

Most comprehensive content in Arts, Entertainment and Lifestyle

Excellent viewership and local penetration; over 1 million page views per month

Extensive media, organizational and business alliances

Offering a successful series of unique, sold-out community events

The coolest community dating site, geared specifically to second and third generation South Asians

MyBindi has one of the most comprehensive collections of South Asian content in North America. Some of"s most popular features include, an up-to-the-minute events calendar, community profiles, virtual art gallery, on the street photos, MyBindi Radio, comprehensive wedding planner, MyBindiTalk - North America"s most popular Desi message board, reviews, interviews and special features, recipes and restaurants, fashion, beauty and makeovers. MyBindi has created a number of sister sites like,, is the coolest place to connect online.


Nalion Technologies

NALION Technologies has developed a superior proprietary technology to replace the key material in existing Li-ion batteries, which can be found in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. The replacement material is 67% cheaper & environmentally responsible. Battery will have 10 year Lifespan & 100% Reliability. NALION Technologies owns the IP for this breakthrough technology, developed by world-renowned Li-ion battery expert Dr. Nazar at the University of Waterloo.

After participating in TiEQuest Nalion Technologies have had many successes. It was one of three winners of the recent iGNITION Pitch Competition that involved students from Conestoga College and four area universities. Nalion Technologies, were the winners of the FGV Latin Moot Corp Competition held in Brazil. Nalion was invited to the Global Moot Corp Competition at The University of Texas at Austin.

Nalion Technologies, a company founded by three students from UW’s Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program is focused on commercializing Professor Linda Nazar’s new battery technology. Traditional batteries are created using cobalt, a material short in supply, while Nalion Technologies batteries uses cheaper more abundant materials.

Nalion technology is promoted by a group of Team: Balinder Ahluwalia, Karen Doering, Fraser Harris, Lingling Yang and Hanxiao Zhou


Navi C

Mobile Medical Imaging Made Accurate

Navi C is an aiming and position system for mobile c-arm x-ray machines that are used during surgery. Mobile c-arms are aimed by trial and error, and this loses valuable time during surgery. Using software and laser guidance, Navi C saves this lost time, allowing the surgeon to obtain the correct image on the first attempt. Navi C have completed its prototype with additional sweat equity from its engineering team. It is currently negotiating a second round of financing and conducting clinical testing at the Vancouver Hospital. It is in the process of negotiating a JV with a medical device manufacturer and distributor from Germany, that has expressed interest in distributing its product.

Omar Lalani, CEO, was raised in Vancouver. He received his Master’s of Engineering from McMaster University in 2006, at the Xerox Center for Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, where he launched Navi C. In his spare time, Mr. Lalani is a filmmaker.

Dr. Pietro Regazonni, VP of Product Development, is the Head of Trauma Surgery at the University Hospital of Basel, and is currently the Chair of the Board of the Directors of the AO Foundation. Dr. Regazonni is an avid skier.

Dr. Antony Hodgson, VP of Technology, completed his doctoral training in medical engineering at Harvard University and MIT in 1994. He is a professor of engineering at the University of British Columbia, where he developed the Navi C technology. Dr. Hodgson travels in his spare time.


Pari Beauty offers a unique prestige anti-aging cosmetics and advanced skincare line of products at exceptional pricing based on extensive scientific and R&D background. The Pari Beauty management team is comprised of industry veterans with over 50 years of combined experience.

Pari Beauty cosmetics are performance formulas across all beauty categories: eyes, face and lips. We believe that beauty starts with healthy skin and have specifically formulated and designed our skin care line to serve as the perfect complement to achieving beautiful makeup. Our skin care products have been developed with our scientific knowledge and understanding that has resulted in technologically advanced formulas and unique combinations of active ingredients to deliver performance and results. Our skin care line works from a preventative and maintenance standpoint to delay the onset of wrinkles and premature aging while keeping skin healthy and radiant. In addition to superior formulas, we are committed to offering our products at an irresistible value. Pari Beauty is a unique brand offering the quality and performance of prestige beauty brands but at pricing that is truly exceptional and accessible to everyone. Makeup artists, consumers, and beauty experts are praising and excited about Pari Beauty. Pari refers to a heavenly beautiful woman. Pari Beauty represents the heavenly beauty that exists in all women of all cultures and backgrounds.


Pilus Energy seeks to develop and license a biofuel/ultra-capacitor hybrid energy generation platform based upon proprietary bacteria and market the bacterial/nutrient powder refills to the licensees.

The Pilus Cell, will provide a two primary types of energy as by-products from the metabolism of sewage and other organic materials: electricity and hydrogen gas. Pilus Cell Licenses a hybrid biofuel/ultracapacitor energy platform based upon proprietary bacteria that create electricity, hydrogen gas, and water from the metabolism of sewage, plant pulp, etc.

Addressable battery market is $63B. The fuel cell will be scaled to 1) recharging consumer electronics, 2) providing electricity to residential and commercial facilities, and 3) for large utilities to provide electricity to the grid.

Pilus Cell captures the output from the collective bacterial metabolism in a scalable ultracapacitor/biofuel cell. Our reactor produces electricity and hydrogen gas from organic sources like: sewage, fertilizer run-off, farm animal wastes and plant pulps.


PlantForm Crop

PlantForm Corporation is a new Canadian company focused on providing low cost therapeutic drugs for the improvement of quality of life. Established in early 2008 the company aims to create value for investors using proprietary technology licensed from the University of Guelph to manufacture antibody and protein drugs in tobacco plants.

The Company’s first product will be a biosimilar version of an internationally marketed monoclonal antibody drug. The world market in 2007 for this product was in excess of $1.5 billion. PlantForm’s version, in a strategic alliance with a pharmaceutical partner, enters the market in 2014. The company’s second product is a vaccine for the fatal diarrheal disease Cryptosporidiosis. The company will develop and market these, and future innovative drugs, under strategic alliance agreements.

"This is potentially revolutionary," says Dr. Donald Stewart, CEO of PlantForm. "with proprietary technology, we will create high-quality pharmaceuticals for both the western world and the developing world." Adds Dr. Stewart: "There is wonderful irony in using the tobacco plant to treat cancer."

Dr. Stewart is the former Director of Research at Cangene Corporation, Canada’s largest publicly traded Biotech company. PlantForm combines a top level management team with state-of-the-art research developed in the laboratory of Dr. Chris Hall at the University of Guelph. Hall is the Canada Research Chair in Recombinant Antibody Technology.

The practical advice and support of TiEQuest has been invaluable in focussing our business strategy towards success in the difficult 2009 financial market. We have moved from the seed stage with an idea to a company with demonstrated proof of concept and investment from the angel community. With our TiEQuest approach and presentation we have won a Canada’s Top10TM Life Science Company award and were one of only two Canadian companies selected to presentation at the Larta Institutes Ag Innovation showcase in Missouri, USA in 2009.

TieQuest gave us the opportunity to develop the strategy and professional approach required to advance our company towards an exciting future.


Prostate Cancer affects >250,000 men each year in North America alone. Worryingly, many of those treated with existing surgeries subsequently suffer debilitating side-effects of impotence and incontinence.

Profound Medical Inc. (PMI) is commercialising a truly unique, minimally-invasive approach for the treatment of prostate cancer, combining the already proven clinical efficacy of ultrasound thermal therapy with the unparalleled imaging capabilities of MRI. Our prototype has seamlessly integrated these two technologies into a system that could provide an unmatched level of speed, precision and accuracy in the treatment of the whole prostate, or targeted regions of the prostate. In just 18 months since foundation, the company has advanced from research prototype to a clinical system, has agreed a clinical plan with regulatory bodies, and is now finalising partnering agreements with a major MRI vendor and several notable healthcare institutions to start clinical trials.


Purification Research Technologies Incorporated (PRTI) is a Canadian, privately-held company incorporated in 1997 through the acquisition of global commercialization rights of a patented aqueous ozone water purification technology. Throughout the past nine years, PRTI has further developed the technology in order to apply it into various water treatment products for the residential, food safety and dental/medical market and have also funded scientific research with the University of Guelph and The Ontario Centers of Excellence (OCE) elaborating on agricultural, greenhouse and nursery applications of aqueous ozone. The PRTI Ozone Research Lab, located in the Environmental Biology Department at the University of Guelph, was opened in 2004, in addition to their corporate office in the Hanlon Industrial Park in Guelph.

Presently, we are tooling up for the production of key components with assembly of our systems to occur in Ontario, as well as seeking channel and/or funding partners in the various market segments. Technology transfer opportunities to various other Countries (such as China and India) are also being researched at this time. PRTI strives to be a global player in the water treatment industry and is poised to capitalize on the opportunities present by the unique technology and the critical needs of high-growth and health conscious markets.

Since participating in TiEQuest, the Company has introduced a new product named Shaw Mixer, which is a safe and effective ozone mass transfer technology engineered to provide maximum CT Values in the smallest possible footprint, while providing safe off-gas handling and ease of incorporation.

PCT Patented technology

Maximum mass transfer efficiency

Multi-pass technology

Dynamic CT range based on user supplied ozone source and flow requirements

Portable (7 1/4" x 20 3/8" x 13 3/8")

Stainless steel wall or floor mounted enclosure

Quick connects for water supply, ozone generator, off gas destruct and water outlet

Highly scalable and flexible, offering multiple venturi injector options, contact pressures and output volumes

Configurable for side stream injection (concentrator)


Quantum Dental Technologies

Quantum Dental benefited tremendously from participating in TiEQuest 2009. The competition really helped to re-focus our business plan. The mentors provided helpful guidance and it was a great networking opportunity. Since participating in TiEQuest 2009, Quantum Dental has successfully completed a Health Canada approved clinical trial for its Canary System. Quantum has received support from the Health Technology Exchange and National Instrument Medical Device Grant programs. We have completed a second generation device and begun work on the final device. The company was named on of the top 5 co-investment opportunities at the National Co-investment Summit in Toronto, 2009. Quantum Dental Technologies’ Canary System detects and measure tooth decay safely on all tooth surfaces including around fillings. Early detection means that dentists can use new demineralization treatments to heal enamel providing them with a new revenue stream. For patients, it means safe, easy appointments. For employers, it saves long term health care costs. The Canary System will be available by the fall of 2010.


Shiny Ads is an advertising technology company focused on helping online publishers maximize revenue from advertisers of all sizes. Our Self-Serve Advertising platform allows publishers to control the ad purchase process by directly offering an ad purchase system to their advertisers. It allows small and local (long-tail) advertisers to quickly and easily purchase advertising without the need of special knowledge of industry terminology, graphic designers, or a large budget. Through our patent-pending automated advertising management back-end process, payment is reconciled, banners are inserted into the publisher"s ad server, advertiser"s campaigns are monitored, and publishers are paid nightly. Typically online publishers ignore small and local advertisers as it costs more to service their needs than the revenue they generate. Long-tail advertisers are accustomed to quick-and-easy advertising options and only have a small budget to work with. The team behind Shiny Ads understood this dilemma having worked both in the online publishing and online advertising and marketing worlds.


Skymeter Corporation is a metering services provider for vehicles, providing financial-grade, privacy-protected metering data to service operators. Operators may be telcos, integrators or others. Skymeter produces reliable metering data for pricing. The market continues to grow at remarkable speed, with more than 50 jurisdictions having an interest in road pricing alone. Pricing is now widely acknowledged by experts as the leading way to solve traffic, and a fast, high-impact way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Following successful field trials in Seoul, Korea and California, Skymeter has attracted the interest of larger integrators in the road pricing business. The Company is working with five different firms to commercialize the system. Skymeter has now accomplished:

Lead customer in place, City of Winnipeg Parking Authority

Raised over $3,000,000 financing to date

Developed Version 5 of the technology

Tested and selected by Cisco Korea = technology proven by a third party

Acknowledged by the industry as a firm with huge promise

Skymeter is in the metering business. Our customers use our meters for multiple applications: to date parking solutions and road pricing appear to be the leading two. However, the firm also receives inquiries from firms active in pay-per-use insurance and other applications. Skymeter was declared as the most innovative clean tech company in Canadian Innovation Exchange 2009.

Skymeter is lead by its CEO, Kamal Hassan. He was Interim CEO of Skymeter’s predecessor, Applied Location, from March 2006. An angel investor and interim executive at firms such as Zeno Global, Kamal served previously as CEO of the venture-backed In Your Pocket, a European multinational location information firm, which he led to a five-fold expansion from 1998-2002. A former Bain consultant and Insead MBA, Kamal has a degree in engineering physics from Queen’s and worked in R&D at Imax.


Vayyoo is simplifying the way people and businesses use wireless mobility to make everyday operations more efficient and effective.

Vayyoo takes the powerful capabilities of smart phones, including pictures, video, text, GPS-location, and voice, and integrates them into a single, organized application. Complicated operations are simplified to seconds and single clicks. Organizations of all sizes can now take advantage of on-location information from mobile workers to improve agility and efficiency. Vayyoo customers achieve commercial success with increased sales, better services, and reduced operating costs. Systems Integrators and OEMs can extend solutons to mobile platforms quickly and easily.

Vayyoo’s solutions allow business workers and consumers to capture and share their experiences with pictures, video, text, and voice in an organized and unified package, stamped with location. In seconds, users can send context-rich (location and multi-media) information anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

Our focus is enhancing the mobile user experience, for personal and business use, by making life on mobile simple and powerful.

After participating in TiEQuest, Vayyoo has substantially advanced its business venture.


Verold Inc. is a Canadian startup, with an R&D lab at one of the top German Computer Vision universities, that is in the process of commercializing a set of software tools and processes that reduce the time to create ready-to-animate 3D content for media consumption, such as games, web-content, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) worlds and film, by up to 80%. This is achieved through a non-liner content production work-flow that automates or partially automates many of the tedious labor-intensive processes involved in producing 3D content.

Verold’s mission is to make it easy, quick and inexpensive to create 3D content formedia consumption, by both professionals and amateurs, and in the long term, toprovide them with a means to create their own virtual and augmented realityworlds and games.

Top is Canada’s largest online health & beauty store. From coast to coast, we want to provide you with your favourite health and beauty products. Our company is made up of kind, friendly people that want to go the extra mile for you. With customer care at the core of our business, we strive to give you the best shopping experience possible!

In September of 2007, from a small closet in the back of his dad’s pharmacy, a University of Waterloo graduate started up an online company. Ali Asaria started after seeing an opportunity to give customers the convenience of shopping online for drugstore products. Over its few short years, the company has grown at an incredible speed, making the Profit Hot 50 list as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada in September 2009! Today, offers a wide range of products to Canadians and Americans, making it Canada’s largest online health and beauty store. With an attitude of best serving customer needs through friendly service, hopes to maintain the small-company attitude as it continues to grow.

Quick Facts About

With over 20,000 non-prescription products, we have a wider selection than the average drugstore.

We ship to every province and territory, free of charge.

We want to connect with you through Facebook and Twitter, so come and find us!

After participating in TiEQuest, has raised substantial financing and are progressing well in succeeding in their venture.


Username/password authentication is the prevailing paradigm, but its weaknesses are all too evident on today’s Internet. Insecure passwords and poor password management practices combined with other fraudulent threats makes the Internet an attacker’s paradise. Prompted by the huge increase in online fraud, XeQure Solutions is the first company targeting non-enterprise users with an innovative, Single Sign-On, multi-factor authentication Identity Management Solution that proactively alleviates online security concerns, and enables a swift and convenient access to the Internet.

Mayukh Gon, PMP, MBA in Finance from Lucknow University, India. Mayukh is a successful entrepreneur with 15 years of IT experience and has worked with major companies as well as startups in US and Canada.

Sabi Goriawala, MBA in International Marketing from Thunderbird, School of Global Management, Glendale, Arizona. After working with the family business for several years, she began her career in brand management, developing and marketing innovative new products in US and Canada.

Rajan Batish, MIS degree from Punjab Technical University, India. Rajan is a co-founder of Batish Technologies, a successful IT-Consulting and Outsourcing company.

Amit Batish, MIS degree from Griffith’s University, Australia. Amit is the co-founder of Batish technologies and has over 10 years experience in Software application development.