What People Say
Diagnostics Inc., Winner TiEQuest 2011

  Thanks for a great learning experience and a smooth process. It has opened a lot of doors.

Doron Barbalat
Third Place Winner and Best Student Team, TiEQuest 2011

"Thanks for a great learning experience and a smooth process. It has opened a lot of doors." - Rna Diagnostics Inc., Winner TiEQuest 2011 "Unlike some other competitions, which take place around a week or weekend, TiEQuest involved numerous stages and spanned over two months. After each stage – growing from the initial project profile, to a four-minute pitch, to an eventual 45-minute presentation – the competition would narrow down its search for its ultimate winner. Much more than the cash prize, TiEQuest provided us a tremendous experience that we will all carry with us into our future careers.Beyond the sense of accomplished, our team has all seen personal development through this business plan competition, and have received terrific feedback from the mentors and judges we connected with through TiEQuest that will certainly aid in the continued growth of Clearpath Robotics."

Jad Yaghi
Verold Inc., Winner TiEQuest 2010

  "We are deeply honoured and gratified. It is incredible to see our work and business case appreciated by industry experts.Thank you very much for arranging this competition. You can trust on us to make sure we spread the word far and wide. The networking and feedback we have received so far have been invaluable.I would also like to thank you for putting us in touch with our Mentor, Anin Basu - his to the point feedback and insights have been a significant contribution to our pitch."

Darren Kraemer and Micheal Cowan
Attodyne Picolasers, 2010 Second Place Winner

  "It’s been a great opportunity that has helped fine tune our business plan. Judges and mentor feedback has definitely helped us and in our investor presentation."

Miguel Vargas Martin and Alika Vargas Ortega
Phractal, 2010 Contestant

  "It’s been a great experience from day one. The judges gave us very constructive feedback. TiEQuest competition has helped us understand different aspects of our venture through different angles which we were not able to visualize before."

Mercedes Salas
PatraTec Inc.

  "The mentoring workshop was really helpful and really made the difference for us."

Armen Simple systems, 2010 Contestant

  "Thank you very much for your email and for letting us know what was the outcome of the yesterday’s session. Despite the fact that we did not make it into the next round, I am very pleased with the process and with what we have accomplished as a team during the competition. This competition helped us move forward and I am truly gratefully to you, your team and TiEQuest for accelerating our growth. 3 months ago we practically did not exist. Now we have a customer, a patent, a product that is 50% complete, and a deadline when we need to deliver our beta version of the product to the customer. For us this is very exciting time." 

Rahul Bhardwaj

  "Tie Quest was helpful in flushing out our business plans. It made us answer questions that we did not consider before. Initially, it was just about getting it out of the door but now we are thinking 5 years down the line. We had some great advice and mentoring from the VCs, Angels and other investors, everyone here telling us how to structure our business for the future. It has made us plan for the future."

Shawn Jolly
Pari Beauty, 2010 Finalist

  "TiEQuest is a more elaborate and professionally run competition than some of the others I have participated in and I have participated in quite a few funding activities. The amount of effort from staff and volunteers of the organization is quite impressive. Regarding mentoring, my mentor was quite fantastic , he had been a CEO multiple times and had deep knowledge and experience. I wish I could get more time with him."-Roy Pereira, President and Founder, Shiny Ads, 2010 Third place winner "Great experience learning from the judges, we got excellent feedback presenting our business plan and talking with them. It was a great learning experience and we want to thank TieToronto for it".

Paras Dharamshi
TiEQuest 2010 Contestants

  "Although we are saddened by not advancing in TieQuest 2010, we would like to humbly thank you for the opportunity to make it this far. We have learnt a great a deal from the competition and believe it has helped strengthen our business plan. I"d like to personally thank you both for your continued support and guidance. If there is anything myself or our team can do, please don"t hesitate to let us know." 

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