Judging Criteria
The primary criterion the judges use in evaluating business venture is the real world question:

“Would I invest in this company?”

In addition, due weight is given to the following factors:
Product / Service:Does the venture have sound value proposition? Have the contestants developed the
product concept clearly? Does the business concept embody innovation and creativity?
Marketability:Is the product/service marketable? Is there a demand? Is there sustainable competitive advantage?
Viability:What is the likelihood of the business plan actually becoming the basis for a viable business?
Does the venture technically make sense? Could it be a real business? Will the venture be profitable?
Have all the key financial considerations been taken into account in the projections?
Does the return justify the investment and the risk?
Management:Is the management knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and committed to the venture?
Can they execute it? Do they have a track record?
Action Plan:Are milestones real? Is the venture stable and growth oriented or speculative and risky?
Does it have high sensitivity to the actions of competitors, technology, the industry, etc.?
When and how will the exit likely happen? Is the strategy appropriate?

A well developed business venture with proven technology, executed partnership agreements and “beta” customers will have a higher chance of success.


To protect the privacy of the information/ideas of the contestants, Judges are requested that no copies of original submissions are made and all copies submitted are returned. The contestants should note that a short description of the business venture may be used in public documentation relating to the contest.